Retail Innovation Tech Alliance summed up the third selection of startups

On November 13, the third selection of technological projects within the framework of the Retail Innovation Tech Alliance (consisting of X5, Beeline, M.Video-Eldorado Group and Hoff) program was completed. We are glad to share its results.

A total of 182 companies from 19 countries took part in the selection. The largest number of companies is from Russia – 140 (77%). 42 applications (23%) were received from foreign countries, most of all from Belarus (7 companies), the USA (6 companies), Estonia (5 companies), Germany and Latvia (3 companies from each).

Companies presented 11 areas of application, the most popular were Online store & delivery, Offline stores & warehousing, Customer relationships, Advertising and marketing technologies. Most of the participants are currently at the Startup (60 companies), Growth (43 companies) and Seed (39 companies) stages. The scouting operator was GoTech Innovation.

Experts of RITA partners selected 15 companies that received an invitation to deal flow session # 3:

  • Angry.Analytics (Russia) – geomonitoring and social media analytics tool for analyzing the company’s information field.
  • Cardsley (Russia) – solution to increase conversion and digitize the buyer’s journey through e-coupons.
  • Celado AI (Russia) – system for identifying customers who are inclined to leave by using machine learning.
  • Gorserv (Russia) – platform for consumer services masters.
  • Legium.io (Russia) – service for electronic signing of documents with remote identification on any device without settings.
  • Locomizer (United Kingdom) – audience discovery platform – a self-service dashboard for precise targeting.
  • Oyper (Belarus) – solution that make all visual content shoppable.
  • Pairzon (Israel) – AI-based solution for physical retailers to drive conversions, retention and revenue.
  • Psychea (Russia) – automated psychographic segmentation systems to improve customer response and engagement.
  • Sarafan Text (USA) – solution for automating the creation of promotional texts.
  • Skill Cup (Russia) – employee microlearning platform.
  • Tokinomo (Romania) – in-store marketing robot that brings products to life at the shelf, boosts product visibility and shopping engagement.
  • UserX Analytics (Russia) – a UX analytics service that helps increase sales in mobile apps by identifying customers who have encountered problems with the app and showing videos of their behavior.
  • Veengu (Russia) – digital wallets and mobile money software.
  • XOR (USA) – platform for automating communication with candidates and employees.

On December 2, the third online deal flow session will take place, where the finalists will have the opportunity to present their technological solutions to the experts of all four RITA partners. Based on the results of the deal flow session, experts will select those teams that will be invited to individual meetings with representatives of partner corporations, will be able to finalize MVPs and launch pilot projects jointly with corporations! Follow the news!

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