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Finlanding program for startups

Goal: search for startups and developer teams ready to scale to the European market through Finland, the beginning of cooperation of selected projects with development institutions: Helsinki Centre in St. Petersburg, NewCo Helsinki and Helsinki Business Hub.

pitch sessions annually
new startups in pipeline annually
meetings with startups annually
winners annually enter the European market


Every year the GoTech team along with partners from Finland conducts a program of events for startups from the Russian-speaking countries, ready and interested in entering the European market. The program includes Finlanding nomination at the GoTech contest, the pitch session of Russian startups to Finnish accelerators and companies, the participation of Finnish delegation in GoTech Arena (booth, pitch session and 1-on-1 meetings in Deal Room), the participation of the winners in the largest startup event in Northern Europe Slush.

In December 2018 within the framework of Slush event GoTech Innovation together with Helsinki Centre, NewCo Helsinki and Helsinki Business Hub also held a side event that was attended by more than 100 people.


Annually in Finlanding pipeline come over 200 new startups, 30-40 companies take part in pitch sessions or meet personally with representatives of Helsinki Centre. 3-5 companies by the results of selection receive consulting support for scaling of the product to the European market, assistance in registration and business development in Finland, access to the expert community, invitations to accelerators and the opportunity to raise funding.

We have been cooperating with GoTech Innovation for more than 5 years and each time we remain very satisfied with the results. Thanks to GoTech, a large flow of prospective companies gathers, many of them eventually manage to start piloting their solutions in Finland. Every year the quality of startups is increasing, the GoTech team always completes tasks in time, works flexibly and finds mutually beneficial solutions in any situation

Vladimir Chepurnoy
director Invest-in, Helsinki Centre

Startup Cooperation Programs

GoTech team has been working with startups for more than 10 years. If you want to run a corporate accelerator, prepare to hold a contest, conference, hackathon, pitch-session… any event, where it comes to startups and technologies – let’s get acquainted, we will be glad to help.

Technology Scouting

GoTech is a leader in the field of technology scouting. Our funnel numbers 6000 startups from 50 countries and is constantly updated. Experienced team and international partner network allow finding solutions for corporate tasks and startups for investment in Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Innovation Tools

We use our own TechScout platform to work with startups. Now it is available for wide use. With the help of TechScout, you will be able to collect applications from startups on your website, manage the pipeline, organize the work of experts and monitor the results of the assessment.


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