Survey of corporate innovation activities

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Tell us about your cooperation with startups for the period from July 1, 2018 till June 30, 2019.


About Corporate Innovation Rating

An independent survey of the corporate open innovation activities by GoTech Innovation.

GoTech Innovation has been working with Russian corporations for more than 10 years,
we have been following the recent changes of the market trends. During last two years,
corporate interest in startups has increased, a lot of acceleration programs were organized, and that resulted in creation of pilot projects.

  • Purpose of the survey

    Create a view of Russian corporate activity in the open innovation and launching pilot projects with technological startups for the period from July 1, 2018 till June 30, 2019.  During the survey, we employ both public data and information provided by corporate representative, preferably using the provided data. Rating will also include corporations that reported results of their startup cooperation to the media (Kommersant, Vedomosti, RBC,,,,, TechFusion, Inc.Russia etc.)

  • Research method

    The basic ranking parameter is the number of pilot projects launched by the Corporation with startups during the research period. If the number of  pilots is equal, the companies are ranked by the number of startups in the pipeline. Corporations that pay for pilots and corporations that provide startups with only access to infrastructure and facilities are ranked in different rating lists.

  • Results

    The survey will show the state of the Russian market of corporate innovations, cooperation between corporations and startups and will help all of the market participants to draw
    the necessary conclusions useful for further activities.

Content of the survey

How do corporations find startups?


How do corporations cooperate with startups?


What technological areas of startup are most interesting for the corporations?


What stages of startups corporations consider best for cooperation and investment?


What are the startup selection criteria for a pilot project?


Do corporations pay the startups for a pilot project?


How successful are the pilot projects?



GoTech Innovation provides corporate search services technological projects and work with them since 2009.


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Information partners

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Advantages of the research for corporations:
  • Present your company as an active player of the corporate innovation market

  • Attract attention of the startups as the potential technology partners

  • Submit your contribution to the infrastructure of technological entrepreneurship


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