The current restrictions only stimulate startups to enter Finland from Russia

Finlanding, a program to support technology companies, continues to accept applications. Representatives of the program organizers – the Helsinki Center in St. Petersburg and the Helsinki Business Hub – talked to Evgenia Barchenko, the chief of operating officer of GoTech Innovation consulting company, about what helps Russian startups to develop in Finland, and how to successfully pass the current selection.

Friends, Finlanding program is gaining momentum, which provides an excellent opportunity to start a business in Finland and realize the global ambitions of your business.

Today we want to share the stories of Verspeak and Suomzilla. Co-founder and CEO of GoTech Innovation Irina Kalashnikova spoke with the founder and CEO of Verspeak Ruslan Musin and a board member of Suomzilla Alexander Krylov about why they decided to go to Finland, what they have already done over the past year in a new country for themselves, what advice they can give other entrepreneurs.