M.Video-Eldorado: we are looking for startups with ready to market products

For the first year of Retail Innovation Tech Alliance (RITA), M.Video-Eldorado’s innovative division managed to select more than 20 technological solutions, with which it is actively working. RITA was initiated in February 2020 by X5 Group, Beeline, M.Video-Eldorado Group, and Hoff to scout and adopt innovations. GoTech Innovation acted as a scouting operator in Russia, CIS, Europe in spring and autumn 2020.

Eugenia Barchenko, Co-Founder and COO of GoTech Innovation consulting company talked with Sergey Semenchenko, Senior innovation manager M. Video-Eldorado, to know more about the selection process of startups in the company and to get the answers to popular entrepreneur’s questions:

  • what criteria are the most important for the Group when selecting startups
  • is it essential to work only with mature companies
  • what mistakes were made by startups in their applications for cooperation, and vice versa, how did they manage to attract the attention of the Group’s specialists
  • what startup solutions have been integrated into M.Video-Eldorado’s business
  • what technological solutions will be of interest to the Group soon

Go ahead and click the link to read the interview in our Medium.com blog.


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