Big Ideas 2021: Forecast for Innovation

Since 2017, venture capital investment firm ARK has been publishing its annual Big Ideas survey of current trends in disruptive innovation that have great market potential and have a major impact on the global innovation market. We have studied the research report for 2021 and are ready to share with you the most impressive findings and the most daring predictions from it. Which of this will come true and which will not – time will tell!

  • Deep Learning could be the most important software of our day.

Until recently, all software was developed by humans. Deep learning as a form of artificial intelligence (AI) uses data to automatically write software. It can be applied in any industry. According to ARK research, deep learning will add $ 30 trillion to global equity capitalization over the next 15 to 20 years.

  • A new look at Data Centers

Computing power is undergoing a real revolution. Cheaper, faster and more powerful processors are replacing Intel, which traditionally received more than 90% of the revenue from all processors in the world. For cloud computing, the authors predict the explosive development of ARM, RISC-V and GPUs, which together will bring 45% of the total profit from all processors in 2030 in the amount of $ 19 billion.

  • Virtual Worlds – video games, AR and VR.

The virtual world is defined as a computer-modeled environment that can be accessed by anyone at any time. Modern society interacts daily with many virtual worlds, while this entire direction is still in its infancy. According to ARK forecasts, annual revenue from virtual worlds will grow from roughly $ 180 billion today to $ 390 billion by 2025. At the moment, virtual worlds are independent from each other, but in the future they may become compatible and interconnected, which will lead to what futurists call the “Metaverse”.

  • Digital Wallets

The study authors believe Venmo, Cash App and similar venture startups will transform traditional banking by activating mobile bank branches right on their mobile phones. Nowadays, digital wallets are starting to fully penetrate traditional financial services, including brokerage and credit. Digital wallets can also serve as a lead generation platform outside of financial products. The projected e-wallet market will be $ 4.6 trillion by 2025.

  • Bitcoin’s Fundamentals

Most recently, the value of bitcoin has broken through a record high. According to ARK estimates, if all the companies from the S&P 500 stock index basket had transferred at least 1% of their funds to bitcoins, then the value of the latter would have increased by another $ 40,000.

  • Electric Vehicles

The prices of electric vehicles are gradually approaching the prices of gasoline-powered cars. The leaders of the electric vehicle market are actively working to improve the batteries so that the electric car can run longer without recharging and additional costs. According to Wright’s Law, ARK predicts that electric vehicle sales will grow by about 20 times, from 2.2 million units in 2020 to 40 million units by 2025.

  • Automation

While fears that automation will severely cut jobs are undoubtedly widespread, ARK believes automation will empower people by increasing both their productivity and their wages. For example, automation can turn unpaid work into paid work. ARK predicts automation will add 5% ($ 1.2 trillion) to US GDP over the next five years.

  • Drone Delivery

Innovations aimed at lowering battery costs and autonomous technologies should seriously increase the power of unmanned aerial vehicles in the near future. ARK believes that in the not-too-distant future, drones will deliver packages, food and even people faster and more conveniently than ever before. The study’s authors predict that drone delivery platforms will receive approximately $ 275 billion for their services, $ 50 billion in equipment sales and $ 12 billion in mapping revenue by 2030.

  • 3D Printing

3D printing can significantly save time, money and waste from production. The main difference between such production is that objects are created in it in layers, while traditional production involves the removal of part of the material from larger blocks to obtain an object of the desired shape. 3D printing reduces the time between design and production, and seriously shortens the supply chain. ARK predicts that 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing, and its market will grow to $ 120 billion by 2025.

Other curious predictions of this study are available in the original material at the website.


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